Garrity Enterprises LLC
Garrity Enterprises LLC

Our Complete Inventory Solutions.

Garrity Enterprises specializes in the sales and distribution of a wide variety of branded merchandise.

The categories range from watches, jewelry, footwear, eyewear, handbags and more.

We establish exclusive rights to international brands and manage both regular collections as well as close out opportunities.

  • We customize programs that convert underperforming inventory into operating solutions for our supply sources via barter cash, retail trade, or any combination.
  • We can purchase complete inventories. Our alternate market retail relationships, coupled with their need for other brand inventories that we control the supply, enable us to leverage the sales to those markets.
  • We provide our suppliers with reduced visibility outlets when strategic product distribution is necessary. One example is our customer base that will retail products as pre-owned, via private collectors or the premium gift industry.

Every business transaction takes into consideration distribution limitations, brand equity, and maximum client return.

Sales & Marketing Expertise

Garrity Enterprises performs extensive research and analyzes the marketplace for every product category.  The extensive market knowledge allows us to customize and determine the specific market strategy that protects the brands and distribution.

Alternate market and brand name off-price distribution channels and retailers have developed and continued to grow over the last decade.

Garrity Enterprises will purchase entire overstocked or discontinued inventories and manage alternate market channels for brand owners and manufacturers through customized programs catering to their organizational needs.

Our clients are presented with total solutions so that the organization can focus resources on current, more profitable primary business.

Garrity Enterprises is an established vendor with the most significant alternative brand name retailers in America and globally.

Our product supply portfolio provides our customers with various desirable brands, protecting manufacturers’ visibility for direct distribution to off-price markets. Our suppliers and manufacturers benefit from our distribution leverage and relationships with the retailers.

Every supplier’s distribution plan is customized to meet their particular goals.

Garrity Enterprises LLC
Garrity Enterprises LLC

Solutions Through Trade

The corporate barter industry is an $8 billion-plus industry.

Garrity Enterprises operates with one of the USA’s most successful media trade companies. If media trade is of interest, we will coordinate and facilitate the trade values with our partner because we will become the purchaser of the products in trade.

Our clients remain confident that their inventory will be managed following the agreed terms and conditions.

What is Corporate Media Trade?

Barter is the exchange of goods or services for financial trade credits useable for all kinds of media services. Barter enables companies to use underperforming inventory as a form of currency.

Generally, trade agreements provide a higher return than cash liquidation offers.

We can combine both cash and trade solutions.

Our client relationships are confidential. However, we have several partners and corporate manufacturers, distributors, and retail customers that will share their experiences regarding our services.

If you have an inventory or distribution challenge, reach out to us, and we can propose a customized solution.

Garrity Enterprises LLC

Distribution Partners

Our Company has become an essential partner with the following retailers: Wholesale Warehouse Clubs, Outlet Jewelry Stores, Big-Box Discount Department Stores, Television Shopping Channels, Curated Luxury Internet Retailers, Flash Fashion Websites, Pre-owned Marketplace Stores & Premium Corporate Gift Retailers.