Garrity Enterprises LLC

Recognized for Brand Solutions & Jewelry Designs

Established in 2008, Garrity Enterprises began designing, developing, and sourcing watches and jewelry for notable brands throughout North America.

As a result, we know the importance of brand equity and the need to preserve that equity through advertising and distribution.

Growing, dynamic companies will always face inventory challenges such as returns, canceled orders, past years’ models, etc.

In 2010, Garrity Enterprises launched a new division that provides its branded suppliers with domestic and global solutions to these inventory challenges, including purchasing and redistributing inventory to indirect non-competing markets. Our branded suppliers also benefit from our ability to buy in-line inventory, generating additional revenue and profit by selling to new non-competing markets.

Our distribution network and financial resources enable us to customize inventory solutions resulting in long-term relationships with our suppliers.

We can target distribution to alternative markets. That level of control enables us to manage price and eliminate or minimize brand erosion.

Under the Garrity Enterprises Model, our branded suppliers will be able to increase top-line revenue and profits by uniquely manufacturing merchandise specifically for Garrity Enterprises’ customer network designated for pre-approved distribution channels.

Global Reach

In June 2013, Garrity partnered with a global trading group, in Geneva, Switzerland, as part of its International alliance for acquiring and redistributing luxury brands in watches, jewelry, and accessories.

With offices in Europe & Japan, The alliance provides Garrity with 30 years of experience in global trading, access to international supply channels, and retail outlets outside the USA territory in the Middle East, Asia, and India.

Garrity Enterprises LLC